The Hunt

Drawing for a brand new woodcut. Portrait of badass pirate girl Anne Bonny.

HI GUYS!!!! I now have a brand new ~facebook page~ to like on other social media stuffs. I promise I won’t be obnoxious with it, considering how awful I am at updating sites and such. Please like!



Working on a children’s book this semester. Slowly and surely coming together. More to come soon!



Started writing the manuscript for my semester long children’s book project. Set in Northern Alaska about a little girl named Ila who builds snow animals to keep her company in her lonely village.

Rough draft of my character design.
More to come… :3

Work in progress :)


Wendigo got printed today.

Linocut print

Technically not Illustration but I don’t have an “other” section.

sooooooooo hey guys

Two page spread Im making for Parsons Pictozine Class.

We each have a color scheme & mine is (obviously) yellow!

Its almost finished but still a work in progress!


Procrastinating during finals means spending 2.5 hours rearranging your desk before you can actually sit down at it. (at Not Normal)

This is where I work.


Front side of the zine I sold at both MoCCA and Brooklyn Zinefest


Starting some digital paintings based off some of Gary Oldman characters in film.

Left:  Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg- The Fifth Element

Right: Drexl Spivey- True Romance